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School/College Janitorial Services


The janitorial staff with school assignments is trained to be time efficient and able to pay attention to detail. The staff is trained in all essential services that a school setting might need. Here at Western Cleaning Solutions we understand that there may also be janitorial emergencies that can come about in the school. Therefore, we have established a 24/7 emergency contact number to make sure we can help at all times. 

It is also true that school settings are a very sensitive place of work. In order to give our clients peace of mind, we ensure that our cleaning staff has a level one clearance card as well as OSHA training. These two certifications are some of the many ways our cleaning staff has been prepared to bring the best services to the education facilities. 

Image by Feliphe Schiarolli

Lastly, our janitorial staff is also trained to deal with areas of specialty such as gymnasiums, locker rooms, weight rooms, cafeterias, and many more. This therefore allows our staff to have the capable skills to clean any areas in the schools.

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