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Protecting your customers and staff from bacteria and viruses is one of our top priorities. We provide complete COVID Disinfections that can last up to 30 days.

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Western Cleaning Solutions is a commercial and residential cleaning company with the goal to bring facility services with effective products to all the cities in the state of Arizona. Western Cleaning Solutions is certified by the Green Business Bureau as an environment conscious business that uses only organic products for the protection of the ecosystem. 


Western Cleaning Solutions was created with the vision of creating a reliable and trustworthy cleaning Service team here in the valley of the sun. With years of experience from the cleaning staff and innovative thinking from the front office team, Western Cleaning Solutions is bringing excellent ecofriendly cleaning products and services to the state of Arizona.


Western Cleaning Solutions has been accredited by the Business Better Bureau for not only being a reliable business, but also an efficient one as well. Western Cleaning Solutions is one of the many accredited businesses in the valley that have been verified to be in good standing with customer services and product quality. 

Cities We Serve 
  • Phoenix

  • Scottsdale

  • Tempe

  • Mesa

  • Chandler

  • Gilbert

  • Glendale 

  • Peoria

  • Surprise

  • Arizona City

  • Lake Havasu City

  • Paradise Valley

  • Goodyear 

  • Maricopa

  • Buckeye

  • Avondale

  • Queen Creek

  • Payson

  • Tucson

  • Casa Grande

  • Fountain Hills

  • San Tan Valley 

  • And More... 


Why Western Cleaning Solutions

Preservation of the Environment

 Today, the relationship between a company and the ecosystem in which it operates has become closer than ever. Citizen demonstrations and the sanctions imposed by the State on pollution are more frequent and severe. Faced with these possible scenarios, the company is obliged to fulfill its role of corporate social responsibility, complying with environmental regulations that benefit everyone. On the contrary, a polluting company is exposed to social criticism, losing prestige, and being affected, economically, by non-compliance with legal regulations of the business sector.

Regardless of the sector of your company, complying with current laws by conducting decontamination days, you will ensure an environmentally friendly work environment, being one of the benefits of cleaning and maintenance in offices.

Reduce Accidents and Illnesses​

 Organizing materials in offices reduces the risk of injury from a trip, slip or fall. These blows are pointed out by the Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) as the main cause of accidents in almost all business sectors in its report. The orderly location of the work elements reduces the accident scenarios, avoiding your company a legal problem with the affected person. Also, cleaning product disinfection eliminates bacteria that can cause disease and even an epidemic in the work area.

Even during maintenance activities, accidents can happen. For this reason, it is recommended to use safety tapes, wet floor signs, cones, among other objects, as a preventive measure.

Increase in Customer Employee Productivity

This is one of the most notable benefits of office cleaning and maintenance as clutter is the main enemy of productivity in a work environment. Usually, disorder causes disorganization among the work team. To increase performance, clean areas are needed that convey a pleasant environment. From the bathroom to the meeting room, you need to make sure you keep this environment comfortable. A survey conducted by the global engagement consultancy showed that an employee can improve their productivity by up to 30 percent. This is because he feels a great commitment to his work and the company. If this state of mind is spread among your colleagues, good financial results can be achieved by high customer loyalty. By carrying out sanitation and conservation in your work environment, you will notice a difference in staff deficiency. The commitment they will feel with your company will be the product of the good conditions in which they work.

Favors the Demand for Employment

To improve the human capital of your company, you need to hire the best personnel available to you. But it is not enough to offer a vacancy in an important position with a good salary and benefits. If you want to attract the best prospects, you must have attractive working conditions for them. This is one of the keys to increasing demand for vacancies and attracting people with the necessary skills. If you interview prospects to get to know them thoroughly, taking a brief tour of offices with a friendly atmosphere can be very beneficial in recruiting new hires.

Strengthens Corporate Values​

It is common for a company to have concepts and principles that define, distinguish and differentiate it in its sector. This is known as corporate values. These influence the morale and ethics of employees.

If your company values ​​are based on purity, simplicity, honesty or support, you should know that cleaning and maintenance transmit and represent these attributes. Therefore, you must reinforce your corporate values ​​with the practice of these activities.

Makes Inventory Inspections Easy

Quick inspections are benefits of office cleaning and maintenance that save time and money. Inspection days are important for companies with inventories - which cover almost all sectors. To streamline the classification of the products that your company sells and effectively control inventory, you must have clear and organized offices.

If you have a supplier of office supplies - something common in many sectors - a clean and organized office allows you to know which ones are needed to request them in a short time, and without the risk of buying duplicates. Maintains the real estate value of the offices In a business venture, one of the first steps is to invest in the rental or purchase of the premises where the offices will later operate. To preserve the value of the premises, it is necessary to maintain its good condition and, especially, the structure and its surroundings. If the price is not devalued, the investment is maintained, and you can even make a profit on a possible sale.

Add Prestige to your Company

Companies with a good image are the ones that make the best impression. Remember that the image that the offices project are important to the company's clients, suppliers and employees. And these will become ambassadors when they talk about it and highlight its neatness and conservation. The business reputations of the benefits of office cleaning and maintenance are highly valued. A prestigious company is characterized by not having work accidents caused by dirt and abandonment of its offices.






For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (602) 515-6767 or fill out the following form

Head Office

4700 S Mill Ave Suite B6 

Tempe, AZ 85282

Tel: (602) 515-6767

24/7 Emergency: (480) 387-2327

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